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LG Flatron W2363D review: Glorious or gimmicky lights?

How do make your monitor stand out from the pack? An electrifying light show!

The W2363D-PF attempts to stand out with an audio-controlled light show. Josh Miller/CNET

The LG W2363D-PF is a 3D monitor, but apparently that distinction is no longer enough for a monitor to stand out from the pack. These days, 3D everything is quite ubiquitous, backlashes notwithstanding.

So, when you're the 100th monitor with a black chassis or the 30th 3D monitor released in the last three months, it's difficult to stand out from the crowd. Sure, you could throw some oddly placed pastels into your design or go all white as some vendors have, but there's an important detail to remember.

A good design allows a monitor to showcase its unique look without drawing too much attention to those particulars, less it feels gimmicky.

The W2363D-PF includes an LED light that reacts to sound emanating from the system it's connected to. So yeah, it's pretty gimmicky, but the monitor thankfully does more than just put on a light show.

Check out the full review to see all it's capable of.

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