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LG BD390 Blu-ray player includes built-in Wi-Fi

LG upgrades its 2008 Netflix-compatible Blu-ray player with wireless networking and on-board storage.

LG BD390
CBS Interactive

We've already seen the entry-level LG BD370, but now we've gotten a glimpse of the step-up Blu-ray player in LG's 2009 line-up: the BD390. The BD390 includes all of the features of its little brother--DVD upscaling, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio, BD-Live/Profile 2.0 support, and the ability to stream online video from Netflix, YouTube, and CinemaNow. But it also adds some nice upgrades: built-in Wi-Fi (so you're not limited to wired Ethernet), 1GB of on-board memory (no need for a USB stick to access BD-Live features), and 7.1-channel analog outputs (maximum compatibility with older, non-HDMI AV receivers). Look for the BD390 to hit stores in June 2009. Pricing isn't official, but the player should sell for around $400 according to LG.