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Let the top down on Jasco's Convertible Mouse

Jasco's new Convertible Mouse is small enough to be easily packed, but also extends out the back for increased comfort.

Laptop mice are supposed to be smaller than average ones to save space in your bag, but do they have to be so small that only Stuart Little can use one? I'd rather sacrifice a little extra room in my bag for a comfortable mouse, but Jasco offers a peaceful compromise.

The Jasco Convertible Mouse looks similar to other laptop mice; it has a retractable USB cord, contoured buttons, and a small scroll dial, but the real difference is in the top slider that extends out the back to provide extra space for your hand. I tested both sizes and found that the fully extended position feels the most natural and allows for painless movement across the standard laptop screen size. The mouse quickly retracts back into its closed position to fit neatly into your laptop case or carry-on.

Check out the Jasco Convertible Mouse in big box stores now for $19.99.