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Let Gramps crank up the volume with TV Ears

TV Ears is a wireless headset that allows anyone to listen to television audio in isolation.

There might be a solution to one of the most obnoxious linear relationships: as Grandpa gets older, the TV gets louder. TV Ears is a wireless headset that allows Grandpa (or anyone) to listen to television audio in isolation. And though its design screams "geek!" the wearer can sacrifice fashion for a peaceful household.

A small transmitter plugs into the audio-out ports located on the back of the television set, satellite box, or cable box and wirelessly transmits the television's audio to the headset. The user can adjust the volume and tone dials on the headset, while television volume can be set to any level or turned off.

George Dennis, CEO of the Spring Valley, Calif.-based company, explains that unlike other wireless headsets or hearing aids, TV Ears amplifies dialogue more than other sounds with its "Voice Clarifying Circuitry." Since the digital transition, consumers are complaining of muffled dialogue, Dennis said.

TV Ears is made for a niche market--seniors--but parents who complain of loud video games might administer it to their teens, too. The company is also working on TV Ears compatible with hearing aids, Seat Side speaker, and selling its products internationally.

Target is selling a simple version of the headset for $50, but TV Ears with voice enhancement and a wider listening range is available for a steep $150.