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Let Doraemon control all your remotes

Japanese anime character's gadget comes to life.


Those uninitiated in the world of anime might not be familiar with Doraemon, a robotic manga cat from the future that's known for its infinite Inspector Gadget-like supply of gizmos. One of the Japanese character's many tools, Tokyomango says, is an air gun that could fire a fake bullet simply by the voice command of "Bang!"

Epoch has taken that concept and turned it into a real-life device, a voice-activated control that can take over the functions of regular remotes with built-in IR signals already programmed into it. The result, if all works correctly, is a Doraemon "pistol" that can be worn on your finger and can control the functions of up to four devices with just a "bang" or two.

It even comes with its very own Doraemon, which will take care of it when you're done. All of which sounds infinitely more fun than those tired old Phasers and Lightsabers.