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LCD sleeps with the fishes and survives

TV can be dunked up to 1 meter in water


Sure, Pioneer is coming out with all kinds of fancy new plasmas today, but tell us this: Can they be dunked under water? And still work, that is.

Water-loving TVs are hardly new, as we've seen those that enjoy an occasional splash by the pool or even a long hot shower. But the "Weatherproof Monitor" from Florida-based Iizell is an LCD that can be submerged a full meter deep, according to Gadgetell. Why one would need to do this is unclear, but we suspect an underwater bar is involved. Or maybe David Letterman will try to see if it'll float.

You'll pay the price for this mermaid's view, however, because these sets range from $2,300 to $11,020 for screens sized 26 to 55 inches. But they do come in your choice of black or champagne finishes. More important, they're full HD, which helps because things can get pretty blurry while channel surfing from an underwater sofa. Now we know what it's like in Spongebob's living room.