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Laszlo lands $8 million to expand applications

The creator of OpenLaszlo plans to create a line of collaboration applications.

Laszlo Systems on Wednesday is expected to announce that it has raised a series C round of $8 million, led by WI Harper. Altogether, it has raised over $26 million. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company, which makes tools for building interactive Web applications, said it intends to use the funding to invest in marketing, expand its partnership program, and develop Web applications.

Laszlo's OpenLaszlo open-source project, launched in 2004, is software for building Web applications using AJAX-style development or Flash. The company expects to continue making revenue from services related to OpenLaszlo, said Kent Libby, the company's chief marketing officer. In addition, Laszlo intends to develop a line of personal communications products to complement its existing Web-based mail product, he said. Without specifying products in the company's plans, he said Laszlo is looking at programs like instant messaging, calendaring, and photo and video sharing. According to Libby, the company's strategy is to sell these applications, built with OpenLaszlo, to Internet service providers.