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LAMP outshines Microsoft's SQLServer Express

In response to the article written by Martin LaMonica, "Microsoft looks to extinguish LAMP":

The biggest benefit of LAMP is that it doesn't tie you to a platform. Apache runs on a huge range of operating systems. MySQL is the same, and ditto for Perl, Python and PHP. And while Linux may be a single OS, there are plenty of versions to choose from--or, you can just ignore the "L" in LAMP and develop using AMP.

Microsoft's counter to "cross-platform" LAMP is to produce a set of tools that, unsurprisingly, only work on Windows. To come close to being competitive, Microsoft has to offer scaled back versions of products, like SQLServer Express. Why bother with a hamstrung database when you could get all the database you need using MySQL or PostgreSQL? Same goes for Microsoft's other offerings.

Rodd Clarkson
North Croydon, Victoria