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Tech Industry partners with Dermalogica on microloans for women

Kiva's latest campaign, FITE, specifically targets female entrepreneurs. Kiva hopes it also sets a precedent for an open microlending platform.

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Microloan organization is adding a new set of partners to its roster of do-gooding collaborators. Skin care company Dermalogica, Lifetime Television and Movie Networks, women's clothier Eileen Fisher, and Seventh Generation eco-cleaning products are some of the partners kicking off a campaign that focuses specifically on female entrepreneurs.

As part of its stated goals, the FITE project (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) will attempt to assist 25,000 low-income women around the world with their businesses over the next two years.

The campaign targets corporate sponsors to match or otherwise contribute to what is traditionally a consumer campaign. For example, Dermalogica has pledged $1 for every consumer who enters a code online that's printed on select skin care products.

On the nuts and bolts side, the independent FITE site marks the first time that Kiva's platform has been embedded into a Web site that hasn't been Kiva-owned or operated. If Kiva has its way, this is just the beginning of its open microlending platform.