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Kick off slow-cooker season with sous vide

The AquaChef Clarity is a revised Kickstarter project that adds slow-cooking capabilities. The combination sous vide machine and slow cooker offers year-round possibilities.

Go ahead, explore sous vide cooking. Or, go for some slow-cooked favorites.
Go ahead, explore sous vide cooking. Or, go for some slow-cooked favorites. AquaChef

Well, that didn't take long. Before the Halloween candy has even had a chance to melt in your hand, it seems the holiday season has been ushered in with cold weather and season's greetings galore. The relentless jingles may provide a background soundtrack to shopping, but they also serve as another reminder: the cold winter months mean it's time to get cooking.

Hearty, stick-to-your-ribs food is not hard to find on tables and in kitchens when the weather turns cold. But it is not always out of the traditional oven that the cornucopia of goodness flows. Sometimes, tradition takes a dive (right into a precisely controlled hot-water bath).

The AquaChef Clarity is a sous vide cooker that adds the functionality of a slow cooker. A redesigned Kickstarter project, the funding miss from last year inspired the team to look deeper into what one appliance can be capable of. The result is a removable stoneware basin that allows the device to cook the perfect steak in a water bath or slow-cook the perfect batch of chili. The fun combination of old and new cooking styles makes for appealing possibilities any time of year -- regardless of if the weather outside is frightful.