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Keep HDMI connection secure with locking cable

An HDMI cable that offers three times stronger port retention than others.

The Locking HDMI Cable from PPC. Dong Ngo/CNET

I've never believed in the so-called "high-quality" HDMI cables that cost hundreds of dollars. It's just electrical engineering, and as long as the cables are made of standardized conductor material, which most, if not all, of them are, they should work the same in regard to picture quality when plugged in securely.

There's no proof that the $100 Monster Cable HDMI cable would make your hi-def movie look better than a generic $20 one. If you actually see the difference, maybe you should check with your optometrist, or find a shrink. It's all mental.

With that said, I would look for other qualities when choosing a cable. Take length, for example. You definitely don't want to have a cable that's way longer than necessary because that only clutters the space. And some cables definitely look better than others.

Today, however, I got my hands on a cable that offers a feature none has offered before: a stronger port hold. It's called the world's first locking HDMI and it's from PPC.

Originally introduced back at CES (but I didn't have time to check it out then), the PPC's patented Locking HDMI Cable is designed to offer three times stronger connector retention than other HDMI cables. This means you are less likely to accidentally push it off of the HDMI port.

It's important to note that the cable is not actually locked into the port so if you happen to kick or stumble on it, it will still fall out without pulling your TV or Blu-ray player down on the ground.

Other than that, the Locking HDMI Cable is capable of delivering 1080p--the highest HDTV signal--and is compatible with all HDMI spec ports. And like all other HDMI cables with its specs, it will make your hi-def movies look great.

For this added feature, the Locking HDMI cable is more expensive than a regular one. It comes in three lengths, including 3 feet ($48.99 ), 6 feet ($59.99), and 12 feet ($72.99). They all come with a lifetime warranty.

Not all of us will find use for this cable, but if you have a busy entertainment corner with tons of cables around, this could be an easy solution to keep the HDMI connections secure.