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Katy Perry's dancer falls off stage, laughter on the house

The Brit Awards dancer wasn't hurt, but the footage quickly went viral, and the house was dubbed the new Left Shark.

It's not easy to be a dancer for Katy Perry. You might get all psyched to perform during the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, and suddenly, you're Left Shark, the goofy meme people remember more than they recall who won.

Or you might accompany the singer to Wednesday's Brit Awards, dressed as a house, and maybe someone forgot to put eyeholes in the little windows or something. Suddenly, while Perry performs "Chained to the Rhythm," you're taking an unplanned trip, right off the side of the stage. That'll rock you to your foundation.

A Brit Awards representative told Buzz Feed UK that the dancer wasn't hurt, so now we feel better about how quickly the tumble went viral. And the house was in good company -- Madonna tumbled offstage at the 2015 Brits, but also was uninjured.

Even those covering the housequake realized how weird it all seemed.

You might say it brought down the house.

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