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Just like a PSP--sort of

Can't afford or find a PlayStation Portable? Chinese gadget specialist GaoMing Electronic has the next best thing--OK, the 87th best thing--with the latest version of its Game King player.

As spotted by the folks at Engadget, the GM-219 sports a chassis that looks strikingly similar to Sony's expensive new toy. Inside, though, it's got the same cutting-edge electronics that have made the Game King line one of the leading electronic entertainment brands to emerge from Guangdong Province.

The player sports a low-resolution monochrome screen that turns out to be more than adequate for playing the handful of games available for the Game King, most of which appear to be mildly regionalized knock-offs of Atari 2600 titles.

Game King
Photo: GaoMing Electronic
Not a PSP.

The product page doesn't offer much detail on what makes this latest model different from other Game Kings, except the promise of "fashionable science & technology outlook." No word on price, either, but Game King appears to focus on the sub-$20 band.

For even more multicultural entertainment, check out the rest of GaoMing's catalog, especially the "health-enhancing products" page. The sole item is "gymanstic apparatus" described as a "bonny shake-electronic hula circle."

"Shake, shake and shake, to keep healthy and strong," the company advises, further noting that the device has seven intensity settings: "best, strong, good, normal, lazy, poor, dead."