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Jousting over Java

Sun and Microsoft sue each other over the use of Java in Internet Explorer, the latest skirmish in a long battle over Net technology standards.

special coverage Sun Microsystems and Microsoft have officially traded courtroom punches in their dispute over implementation of Java in the Internet Explorer 4.0 browser. NEWS.COM looks at the effect of this legal battle on application development, Internet-related technologies, and the Java programming language itself.

Jousting over Java
Latest developments
•  Microsoft countersues Sun Micro  update
•  Sun suit hinges on seal of approval
•  Sun seeks $35 million in Java suit
•  Java fight threatens development
The suit and its implications
•  Sun sues Microsoft over Explorer 4.0
•  MS stands by its use of Java
•  Microsoft's Ballmer questions suit's motives
•  Gates disputes Java suit
•  Sun-MS spat may impact Java   news analysis
•  The long-running Java battle   news analysis
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