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Joe Biden joins Snapchat ahead of Wednesday's Democratic debate

Welcome to the world of dog filters, Mr. Biden.

Joe Biden Snapchat

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is now on Snapchat under the username biden2020.

Screenshot by Abrar Al-Heeti/CNET

Joe Biden wants you to follow him on Snapchat. The Democratic presidential candidate took to Twitter on Wednesday before the evening's debate to share that he's joined the photo- and video-sharing platform under the username biden2020

"I've got some exciting news: I am now on Snapchat! Subscribe to get a behind-the-scenes look at tonight's #DemDebate and what's happening on the campaign trail:," Biden tweeted.

The presidential hopeful also shared an image of himself in slick shades, with Snapchat's ghost logo in the background.

Biden is slated to take the stage in Detroit on Wednesday for the second Democratic primary debate. Does this mean we'll be seeing him sporting the dog filter at some point? Only time will tell.