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This guy rode a jet ski up his flooded California street

It rained so hard in a California neighborhood a professional water sports athlete was able to take his jet ski for a run along the gutter.

An epic storm system lashed California over the weekend, bringing heavy rains, flash-flood warnings and mudslide fears. All that water dumping from the sky also made one man's bucket-list wish come true on his neighborhood street in the Orange County city of Fullerton.

Professional watercraft athlete Mark Gomez took his jet ski for a ride along the water-filled gutter on Sunday and posted the action shots to Facebook and YouTube. Gomez had been waiting years for enough water to accumulate to pull off the stunt. Gomez likened the jet ski to "an angry race gas burning salmon up stream!!"

Gomez says the neighbors helped him out, probably by moving their cars out of the way. Gomez wears a helmet and pushes his jet ski out to the street before climbing aboard and taking it for a spin past the neighbors' houses as they cheer him along.

Gomez is a two-time Motosurf world champion, so he's a skilled operator. He managed to cover several blocks, which shows just how severe the rains were in his area.

The video fascinated Facebook users, hitting 2.3 million views so far. That's one way to turn a rainy day into an action-sports adventure.

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