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Jeff Goldblum characters get pieced together in jigsaw collection

Don't stop to think whether you should put these movie scenes together.


One of the Jurassic Park jigsaw puzzles sees Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm finding his way through the jungle.

Champion Production/George Morton

You can put the bigger picture together for three of Jeff Goldblum's most iconic characters in a set of new jigsaw puzzles.


The other depicts a wounded, open-shirted Malcolm.

Champion Production/Maria Catello Solbas

The four Champion Production jigsaw puzzles depict Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park (in jungle explorer AND open-shirt versions), Grandmaster from Thor Ragnarok and Seth Brundle/Brundlefly from The Fly.

The images are based on the work of artists George Morton and Maria Catello Solbas, The Nerdist notes, and are the first offerings from the UK-based company.

All four are around 8 by 11 inches, and come with a free print of the artwork, the site reports. Open-shirt Malcolm and Grandmaster coming in portrait format, while jungle explorer Malcolm and Brundlefly are landscape images.


The image from The Fly hints at both Brundlefly and Seth Brundle.

Champion Production/George Morton

Each jigsaw puzzle costs £9 ($12/AU$16), but shipping will bring that up to £31 in the UK and £33 ($42/AU$58) to the US or Australia. Each puzzle is printed in the company's studio, so it asks customers to allow five to seven days for production.


You can also put together the dreamy Grandmaster.

Champion Production/Maria Catello Solbas

"We are just huge Jeff Goldblum fans here," the company said in a statement. "I think in recent times we've had such a behind the scenes look at him, his style and life and it's just made us love him more. We'd give anything to grab a drink with him and just hug him."

Goldblum didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Other recent open-shirt Jurassic Park scene celebrations include a huge statue erected in London and and a Funko Pop figure.

In July, the actor's own 12-part documentary series -- with the working title The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum -- was greenlit by National Geographic.