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JBL speaker dock gives Nokia a boost

Not everything is an Apple product, you know.


Amazingly enough, not every bit of technology products involve Apple. There's this other company we've heard of called Nokia, which apparently also makes a few phones too, and some even play music like an iPhone.

Even JBL recognizes that last feature and has created a system to support Nokia's new "5310 Xpress" to maximize the music phone's sound with Odyssey speakers, an equalizer and a built-in amp. JBL's "On Call 5310" also serves as an all-purpose station for the handset with a recharging dock, according to OhGizmo, which says it will be available in November though its price isn't known.

The stand can even be mounted on the wall for easy access. That way, when the handset rings, you can answer it just like your grandparents probably still pick up the kitchen phone.