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JavaOne: StarOffice for the people

roundup Sun hopes to bypass Microsoft to get its own office software into the hands of consumers. Plus: SAP's co-chairman says the software industry needs to tear down technology differences.

With the JavaOne conference under way in San Francisco this week, Sun Microsystems looks to tackle several problems: profit potential, a mutating Java standard, Web services and, of course, Microsoft. SAP co-Chairman Hasso Plattner tells conference attendees that the software industry's future depends on tearing down technology differences. Sun aiming office software at mainstream
The company hopes to move its competitor to Microsoft Office away from the fringes of the computing world. The challenge: bypassing Microsoft to get the software to customers.
March 27, 2002 
SAP calls for software that works together
The software industry's future depends on tearing down technology differences and developing applications that work together, SAP co-chairman Hasso Plattner says.
March 27, 2002 
Sun, IBM ready to bury Java hatchet?
Rival open-source efforts to simplify development of Java software are inching closer together to battle a common enemy: Microsoft.
March 27, 2002 
McNealy: Don't let Microsoft steal the Net
Programmers are on the front lines in the battle to keep Microsoft from taking over the standards that underlie the Internet, Sun Chief Executive Scott McNealy tells the loyalists at JavaOne.
March 26, 2002 
Sun: Speeding Java for cell phones
The computing giant says new software technology makes Java run at least five times faster on gadgets such as cell phones.
March 26, 2002 
Sun moves to join phones, Web services
The company is working to turn its Java software for cell phones and other gadgets into a tool to leapfrog Microsoft in Web services.
March 25, 2002 
Java developers wanted for wireless
Sprint, RIM and Motorola intensify their hunt for Java software developers who can create new programs for wireless phones and pagers.
March 25, 2002 
Microsoft hopes to .Net Java developers
newsmaker Microsoft's John Montgomery is out to persuade developers to embrace .Net. But the task promises to be a chore in light of recent legal wrangling between Microsoft and archrival Sun.
March 25, 2002 
Java brewers to stir Web services pot
At the JavaOne conference in San Francisco this week, Java software makers attempt to regain ground lost to Microsoft in the emerging market for Web services.
March 25, 2002 
Sun's Java jigsaw
special report Sun Microsystems faces daunting odds in its new effort to solve a puzzle: how to make profits from Java that reflect the software's wide popularity.
March 25, 2002 

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Sun brings antitrust suit against Microsoft
The company files a private antitrust suit against Microsoft seeking damages that could top $1 billion.
March 8, 2002