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Tech Industry

Japan's server market surging

Major Japanese server vendors expect shipments to take off.

Strong demand from corporations is driving demand for server computers, according to a report in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Japan?s largest business daily.

Financial deregulation and other sea changes in the Japanese economy are increasing corporate demand for servers that manage information networks, according to the report.

NEC, IBM Japan and other major server manufacturers expect server shipments to double in the current fiscal year, the newspaper said.

NEC is forecasting that server shipments will jump 100 percent year-to-year in the April-September period. Compaq?s Japan arm, the second-largest supplier, and IBM Japan expect the same level of growth, while Fujitsu sees 80 percent growth, the report said.

Nihon Sun Microsystems, the largest supplier of Unix servers, sees shipments doubling. Hewlett-Packard?s Japan arm, the second-largest maker of Unix servers, sees shipments rising about 50 percent.

IBM Japan also expects a 20-30 percent increase in shipments of its AS/400 series of computers.