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It's about Time: climate change and attitude change

Global warming has gone mainstream, even in conservative parts of America. For the past year, for example, Wal-mart has been greening its retail empire.

Tomorrow's staid Time magazine will have a print cover touting a global warming survival guide. The mag will include 51 things you can do to "make a difference."

This is most uncomfortable for all the global warming deniers. Will they have to fight for their legal right to drive Hummers or use incandescent lightbulbs? If you google "global warming hoax" you get more than a million links. For "global warming conspiracy" you get nearly 1.8 million. Not all those are climate change doubters. There's one school of belief that finds a corporate conspiracy to deliberately overheat the planet. You can look it up.

Sometimes the heat and hot air around climate change reminds me of the anti-fluoride campaigns of my childhood. Back then, fluoride was seen by many as an evil plot. Come of think of it, is there a connection between fluoridated water and higher temperatures in the atmosphere?

Gore's Oscar win, the cover of Time. The mainstreaming of climate change. Will the White House soon change to fluorescent bulbs?