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iPod Shuffle case with bottle opener: It's about time!

Mophie introduces new Shuffle case that can crack open a Corona for you.


This is one of those accessories that made me think, "Wow, I'm surprised nobody came up with this before." The Bevy case for the iPod Shuffle, manufactured by Mophie, is a key ring that holds your itty bitty music player, lets you neatly wrap your earbud cord around it when you're not listening in, and throws in a bottle opener for good measure. Yes, a bottle opener.

It's actually the product of a design competition that took place at Macworld earlier this year.


Personally, I think attaching the Shuffle to a set of keys is a good idea anyway; just this morning, on the way to the office, my Shuffle managed to unclip itself from my pocket and went flying (but luckily, it stayed attached to my headphone cord, so I was able to retrieve it easily). But adding on that bottle opener? Pure genius. The only catch is that judging by the photo gallery on Mophie's site, you need to take out the Shuffle before cracking open a cold one. That's a drawback, in my opinion, but maybe the Bevy 2.0 will fix this iffy design flaw.

You can pre-order the Bevy case for $15 now.