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​iPhone 7 'Hissgate:' CNET Update viewers share their experiences

More reports of iPhone 7 "hissing" come from Update viewers, Samsung begins Note 7 exchange, and Google is busy making apps to improve our travel plans.

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Everyone's buzzing about the iPhone 7's buzz.

When complaints began cropping up about a strange hissing sound coming from the iPhone 7, I asked Update viewers to tell me if they also detect a sound coming from their iPhone 7. Within minutes, I got several emails from owners describing faint buzzes and hums coming from the backside of their brand-new iPhones -- and some people even sent in recordings of the faint, staticky sound.

Here at CNET, we haven't heard the sound in our testing. But we want to hear about your experience. Also, let us know how your Note 7 exchange is going. Samsung began replacing phones for Galaxy Note 7 owners this week. The company's battery troubles may be blamed on rushing production to beat the iPhone.

Meanwhile, our afternoon Update report covers Google's new Trips app and updates to the Waze driving app. But who needs to worry about driving when robots will be doing all the driving in 10 years?

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Does iPhone 7 have a hissing problem?