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iPass to add in-flight Wi-Fi roaming

Mobile Internet aggregator iPass hooks up with Aircell to provide its monthly subscribers with in-flight broadband connectivity.

Mobile Internet aggregator iPass it teaming up with in-flight broadband provider Aircell to give its customers access to broadband on planes.

On Tuesday, iPass announced that it would offer Wi-Fi roaming with Aircell Gogo, an in-flight broadband service expected to launch soon in the United States. Aircell's service is expected later this year on American Airlines and Virgin America.

iPass provides mobile Internet access for a monthly fee. Users can connect via Wi-Fi, dial-up or Ethernet using a single user password. Monthly services include all three connectivity options and cost between $29.95 per month for unlimited Wi-Fi in the United States and $44.95 for worldwide use. The company offers Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity in more than 100,000 locations throughout the world in hotels, coffee shops, and airports.

Now it looks like iPass is adding the Aircell Gogo in-flight broadband service to the mix, so that travelers subscribing to one of its plans can get access to the Internet, whether they are in sitting in a hotel room or on an airplane.

Pricing isn't yet known. But a PC World article predicts that the Gogo service, which will typically cost $9.95 for flights three hours or shorter and $12.95 for all other flights, will be a free addition to the standard iPass packages.

Considering that people often pay $7 to $15 a day for Internet access at hotels and airports, the iPass deal doesn't sound so bad.>

This is the first roaming deal that Aircell has announced. But given that there are other Wi-Fi aggregators out there, such as Boingo, stay tuned for more on the way.