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iPad Mini mock-up pics emerge

The pictures are from the same French blog that brought allegedly leaked photos of the next iPhone.

Alleged pictures of the iPad Mini. Screenshot taken by Roger Cheng/CNET

Alleged mock-ups of Apple's iPad Mini emerged today, courtesy of French Web site Nowhereelse.fr.

The photos show a mock-up of the iPad Mini, with a white front, held in various angles. Another photo shows the cases of the larger and smaller iPad stacked with an iPhone 4S and what appears to be the case for the longer iPhone 5.

The photos, which Nowhereelse.fr spotted from Chinese site Dgtle.com, are apparently intended to showcase iPad Mini accessories. It's unclear whether these mock-ups represent the actual iPad Mini, and Apple has declined to comment to CNET.

The French blog previously posted alleged pictures of the iPhone 5.

While much of the excitement over Apple has to do with this week's expected iPhone 5 unveiling, many believe the company will come back shortly with an iPad Mini announcement.

A smaller version of the iPad, which presumably would cost less, would help widen Apple's lead in the tablet market, and expand its potential customer base looking for a more affordable product. Google and its Nexus 7 and Amazon and its Kindle Fire HD have already fired their shots, and both have been received positively.

Correction at 6:52 a.m. PT: The initial story incorrectly said the photos were of the iPad Mini. The photos actually show a mock-up of the tablet.