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Introducing Tech for A Better World: Stories of people using technology to make a better world

Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, individuals and companies are pursuing projects that use tech to improve society.

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, technology has shown us just how connected we all are -- for better (all of those video chat apps and services keeping us connected to loved ones) and perhaps for worse (like the maps that show just how far the disease is spreading). 


In this new package of stories, CNET is examining Tech for A Better World (formerly called Tech for Good) -- highlighting the growing diversity of the technology ecosystem, and the people who are creating products to improve our lives and our communities, even amid the pandemic. This series will include stories from the individuals and companies that are using technology to make a difference in society in ways both small and large, from a service that helps reduce food waste using an app, to a special straw responsible for the eradication of Guinea worm disease in Africa. 

You can find the stories and videos in the Tech for A Better World series here. Check back over the coming weeks as more stories are added. 

And also check out CNET's Tech Enabled series, which chronicles the role technology plays in helping make the world more accessible to more people every day. 


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Nancy Heaslip, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation