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Intel's Grove to speak at Stanford University

Chairman Andy Grove will appear as part of the Wired Speaker Series at the Stanford Business School.

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Intel Chairman Andy Grove in an exclusive, live broadcast this afternoon at 5:30 p.m. PT.
Intel's Chairman Andy Grove will speak at Stanford University on Thursday.

Grove appears as part of the Wired Speaker Series at the Stanford Business School.

Wired special correspondent John Heilemann will interview the Intel chairman and co-founder. Grove appears on the cover of the June issue, where Heilemann recently wrote a question-and-answer article.

The speech, no doubt, will be peppered with caustic comments about failed dot-coms, the telecommunications industry and stock analysts. Grove generally enjoys livening up speeches with frank remarks.

Last fall, for instance, while sitting on a panel with Priceline founder Jay Walker, he told the audience, "The scalability of Priceline's business model has yet to be proven."

Prolific spending and investing by start-ups is another favorite topic.

In the Heilemann Q and A, Grove is quoted as saying, "The recession is real and it's vital to the reinvention of the Internet and future growth around the world."

Heilemann's questions will center on the problems and promise of technology.

Michael Kanellos contributed to this report.