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Intel reopens facility after China quake, checks inventory

The chipmaker says inventory on-site in Chengdu was not damaged, but it continues to analyze the situation.

Intel said its employees are safe and the chipmaker has resumed operations at its assembly test facility in Chengdu while it analyzes inventory.

The facility handles CPUs (central processing units) and chipsets.

"Intel is currently analyzing its current inventory, work in process, and other factors to ensure that the company can best serve its customers," according to Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy, responding to an e-mail query.

A report had cited three Intel chipsets, the G31, G33, and 945GC, as being affected and subject to price increases. Mulloy said prices have not been raised by Intel.

Chengdu is 55 miles from the epicenter of the devastating earthquake in China.

"Our employees are safe, but we are working to provide support for them and the community during this very trying and tragic time," Mulloy said.

"We have determined that inventory on-site in Chengdu was not damaged and production is being shipped to customers," he said.

"The seismic assessment of the facility is nearly complete and to date we have no major structural issues," Mulloy said. "Intel has resumed manufacturing operations."