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Intel launches expensive recall due to chip glitch

Chip giant to spend millions to replace motherboards and memory in Pentium III systems.


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Intel may have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to correct problems caused by a faulty chip in Pentium III systems. The problem goes back to Rambus, the controversial form of high-speed memory that continues to polarize the PC industry.

"You bought a rather crippled (Pentium III) system, and Intel rewarded you for your mistake by giving you this faster memory."

- analyst Bert McComas of InQuest Market Research


Intel to replace faulty PC motherboards
update Intel says it has discovered a problem with components inside some Pentium III computers that could cost the company several hundred million dollars to fix.

Rambus at the root of Intel's troubles
Intel's headaches stem from trying to design around the controversial and expensive Rambus memory.

Similar Intel glitch affects high-end workstations
The company has been quietly working for months to fix a memory glitch with high-end workstations similar to the desktop computer problem.

Potential Pentium III bug easy to diagnose
Consumers who want to know if they are affected by a bug inside some Pentium III computers at least have the satisfaction of knowing it's easy to get an answer.

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