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Intel, IBM push ahead with faster chips

Intel introduces its fastest Xeon processor yet, while IBM counts on a new manufacuturing process to boost chip speed 20-50 percent.


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Intel releases its most powerful processor yet, while IBM touts a new process that could make chips 50 percent faster.

"If you look at the stuff it takes to keep this moving in terms of performance, SOI is a huge step."

- Fred Zieber, analyst and president of Pathfinder Research


Intel hits 700 MHz with new Xeon chips
The chipmaker releases its most powerful processor to date, a new Xeon that takes advantage of technology introduced with earlier, lower-end Pentium III chips.

SOI chip IBM taps new technology to build faster chips
Big Blue launches the first computers powered by chips that use an advanced manufacturing process to boost performance 20 to 30 percent.

IBM to make copper chips for Compaq servers
Big Blue will build the company's Alpha line of copper chips used to run its powerful business computers.

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