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Intel changes the guard

Andy Grove ends his 11-year reign as CEO, raising questions about the leading chipmaker's future.

Special coverage: Changing of the guard March 26, 1998
7:00 p.m. PT
Special coverage: Changing of the guard

Intel's surprise transition raises questions about the leading chipmaker's future. Will the paranoid still survive?

Intel changes the guard Grove ends CEO reign
Intel president Craig Barrett succeeds Andy Grove, who will continue as chairman.

Triumphs and misgivings
Q&A The man behind Intel's success ponders his career in a NEWS.COM interview.

Barrett faces challenges
news analysis The executive inherits the helm amid difficult changes in the PC industry.

Not much change--for now
As little is expected to change in Intel's culture, the question becomes: Who's next in line?

Not paranoid enough?
commentary In the end, Intel's chairman failed to practice what he preached.

A statesman's legacy
Andy Grove built the biggest chipmaker and became an industry statesman.

Telecommuting CEO
Even as CEO, Craig Barrett will be a telecommuter--from an office in Arizona.

Intel's meteoric rise
graphics The company's stock and revenues ballooned during the 1990s.

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Intel chairman Andy Grove


Grove on his
successor, Craig Barrett