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Intego questions Symantec's use of name

A Macintosh security company claims Symantec is using its trademark.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Macintosh security company Intego accused Symantec of infringing on its copyright. At issue is the new box copy for Norton Antivirus for Macintosh. In the upper right corner, Symantec has prominently placed the words "Dual Protection," a reference to the product's use on both the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems when using Apple Boot Camp.

The Austin, Texas-based Intego said in a press release, "Intego is the owner of a trademark registration for the mark DP DUAL PROTECTION in France (registered on January 17, 2007) and an international trademark registration for that mark (registered on July 2, 2007) in the United States, the European Community (27 countries), Switzerland, Monaco, Australia, and Japan. In the United States, Intego has applied to the Patent and Trademark Office to register the DP DUAL PROTECTION mark; Intego claims rights to this mark in the United States. Intego also owns the domain name, which it registered on January 15, 2007."

A Symantec spokesperson said the company is aware of the issue and is looking into the matter, adding, "We have no further information to share at this time."