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Instagram talks up anti-bullying efforts at Facebook's F8 developer conference

One day, Instagram might nudge you if you're being a jerk.


Instagram has early ideas about dealing with bullying.

James Martin/CNET

Instagram wants to combat bullying. 

To do so, Instagram, which is getting an overhaul to make it "less pressurized," is looking into various features to address the issue, said Instagram's Adam Mosseri at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference on Tuesday.

"Some of these may never see the light of day," Mosseri said, mentioning what he called early ideas for features, noting that they aren't set in stone just yet. 

These tools include comment filters, and having Instagram nudge you if you're typing something that seems aggressive. There might also be an away mode through which you could opt out of Instagram for a bit in case you're going through a "sensitive moment" like a breakup or changing high schools.

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