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Inside CNET Labs 85: Red ring! (podcast)

Have you ever been drunk with meat? Dong has.

That just happened!

Dong wants you to change your passwords often, and he seems committed to spreading his brand of Internet security ideals. I see it slightly differently.

Then, from the world of extreme ridiculousness--at least from my perspective--comes Game Crush. One of the saddest takes on Web 2.0 social networking I've ever heard of. In this episode, I explain why I'm so livid.

Finally, I've attributed the empty void currently in my soul to the fact that my Xbox 360 has been on the road to the red ring. Games have been crashing after two minutes of play or less. Thankfully, my system actually red ringed this past weekend, which means my 360 is finally dead. Sad, but this also means that Microsoft will fix it free of charge. Woot! Now, just to survive the week without my symbiote.

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