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Inside CNET Labs 37: Can I have a Coke?

Episode 37 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.


This week, we start off with the Conficker worm. With all the hype and media coverage this thing has had, you'd think it had its own agent. Dong separates the facts from the hype...about a week too late. Better than never, I guess.

Dong talks about why he's never owned a video game console (or has he?). We talk about how I own too many consoles and don't have enough time in the week to play them and how sad that makes me and...well, it gets very depressing. Well, not really, but I do miss playing my games.

Dong takes another plane trip in which hilarity ensues. It involves metrosexuals, nerds, and potentially gay men. That is pretty much all we talk about on this show.

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