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Inside CNET Labs 27: Year of the Ox

Episode 27 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Happy New Year (again)!

Dong and I waste no time getting right to some serious business by tackling San Francisco's homeless problem, or more our problem with the homeless--not all homeless, of course. Well, just check it out. It's very un-PC, although maybe not in the way you'd expect.

Then it's the Year of the Ox! Happy New Year, um again. This time it's the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year. Dong seems to think the Chinese and Vietnamese are one and the same, but he's very close-minded when it comes to cultures and honestly, a little slow. I set him straight.

Then we're on to the Autosave Disc from TX WEA. If you wanna know what it does, well, you can probably Google it or listen to the podcast. I vote for the latter. After that, it's lots and lots of listener mail, during which we fulfill a listener request. We think he's very happy.

Then I trip all over a reader question and impale myself on my thoughts. It's great! Finally, we have a first on the show, something that has never happened before. I won't spoil it here, but it has a lot to do with Dong, WoW, and Dong bringing up WoW as a point of discussion for the first time. Download to find out what it is!

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