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Inky and Blinky go teensy weensy

Sick to death of "Solitaire"? No one sitting down at your domino table on Yahoo Games? Try playing a few of the classics in a whole new way at, which bills itself as the world's smallest Web site. Visitors to the site can play miniature versions of some of the old favorites, including "Pong," "Asteroids" and "Space Invaders." At first glance, playing any game in a .25-inch square seems impossible. But the game play is simplified enough to make it work. In "Pac-Man," for example, there is only one ghost to escape per screen. In Giump's mini version of "Space Invaders," only one alien attacks at a time.

OK, so maybe it's not going to revolutionize gaming as we know it. But we salute anything that breathes new life into the classic games we've loved so well. Just don't tell your optometrist we pointed you to it.