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Ingres CTO Dargo heads off to consulting land

Dave Dargo, who was the chief technology officer of a newly spun out Ingres database company, said that he has stepped down from that post.

Dargo joined the company in September 2005, a few months before the Ingres database business was acquired by a private equity firm from CA. CA had made the database open source a year earlier.

The company, which has attracted several former Oracle employees, now offers support services to businesses around the Ingres database, which is considered is a very mature product.

In his blog, Dargo on Thursday said that he take on an advisory role for Ingres and other companies. Before coming to Ingres, he consulted with open-source companies, he said.

"I'm convinced that the open-source movement is going to move well beyond the software industry. Over the next year or so we will see the concepts founded within the open-source movement start to directly impact non-software and non-IT businesses. The deep desire for knowledge to be freely available to all will be insuppressible," Dargo wrote.

A company representative on Friday said that Ingres has no plans to fill Dargo's former job of CTO and senior vice president of strategy.