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In new clip, Kutcher's beard doesn't do the Jobs

The latest publicity clip for the new "Jobs" movie offers many glimpses into its arc. But there's also a very strange gray beard.

Does that look right to you? Jobs the Film/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You will either love the new "Jobs" movie with Ashton Kutcher. Or you will hate it.

Or you've still got a BlackBerry and you're not sure who this Steve Jobs is.

For myself, I have always struggled with the notion of Kutcher as Jobs. I always feared that he was just too nice, too sweet, too all-the-things-I'd-like-to-be-but-am-not.

This is a man who melted the heart of a Ukrainian, for goodness' sake. That takes some vast level of nice.

I worried, then, before looking at the latest piece of promotional footage emerging from the producers.

It's partly a trailer and partly an official reminder that the actors really, really admired Jobs.

I squinted a touch before pressing play.

Far too early in this clip are several shots of Kutcher wearing Jobs' gray beard.

Well, it must be somebody's gray beard. Perhaps it was made from snippings after Daniel Day Lewis was finished with "Lincoln." It's like something Brian Wilson of the Los Angeles Dodgers created for a geriatric bobblehead of himself.

Wherever it came from, it just didn't feel right. So perhaps my viewing of the rest of this clip was a touch tainted.

Kutcher clearly gave his all to this role. Especially when he wore those painful Birkenstocky monstrosities with socks. The Birkensocky look. Please, don't get me started.

Whether this movie will have them queuing in their socks around the block, as they do at Apple stores with a new launch, I somehow doubt.

Many, though, will appreciate the homage.

Part of the problem, of course, is that the story's so well known that there seems relatively little left to reveal.

Still, the trailer does offer a few glimpses of, well, one more thing. Yes, of course I'm referring to sex. What did you think I meant?