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iMac gets a Web community

Netopia is jumping on the Apple iMac hype wagon, offering users a Web page building and free email service designed specifically for them.

Users of the new iMac, which hit store shelves on Saturday, will be able to create Web pages on a site made specifically for them.

Netopia today is launching My Netopia, a Net service just for Apple iMac users.

Though there are plenty of Web-based communities where users can create their own sites, this one aims to take advantage of the hype surrounding the new machine that Apple hopes will be its savior.

The My Netopia service will give iMac users a free five-page Web site that it says is easy to use, personalize, and maintain.

Of course, See special report:
Apple's Gambit in exchange for free pages, iMac users must agree to put ads on their pages.

"We are pleased to offer the Apple iMac community a free Web site and email service," Michael Vargas, product manager for Netopia, said in a statement. "iMac users now have everything they need to take full advantage of the Internet."

Netopia has partnered with CommTouch to offer users a free Web-based email account.