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iLuv serves up new budget PC speaker system

iLuv takes the wraps off the iSP200, a new $100 PC speaker system with an integrated USB hub.

The iLuv iSP200 is both a PC speaker system and a USB hub. iLuv

iLuv has trotted out the iSP200, a 2.1-channel PC speaker system for laptops and desktops. The iSP200 will be available in June for $99.99.

In its press release, the company appeared to be targeting Macbook Air owners, but the system works with any computer. Robert Caputo, iLuv's vice president of sales, says: "We feel that the iSP200 with its sleek and stylish look is a great complement to the Macbook Air and is the complete 2.1-channel speaker solution providing 32W RMS sound and three extra USB ports for users entertainment needs." OK, sure. The USB hub we like.

Here's a rundown of the rest of the iSP200's specs:

*Integrated 2.1-channel audio amplifier with built-in subwoofer

*Built-in SRS-XT technology for "surround sound"

*Provides 32W RMS of sound

*Master/bass/treble volume controls

*Magnetically shielded satellite loudspeakers

*Built-in USB 2.0 hub (three USB ports)

*Speaker through USB or 3.5mm audio

*3.5mm aux-in jack

*Speakers are detachable from the main unit