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iLuv i399: Bluetooth boombox for iPod

iLuv has updated its i199 audio system to the i399, which promises improved Bluetooth compatibility.


Debuting at CES is the iLuv i399, the successor to the i199, which we enjoyed for its array of features and affordable price. iLuv has completely redesigned the audio system into a much more compact unit.

Most of the features from the i199 look to be intact, although we're not sure the CD player survived the upgrade. What we do know is that the i399 has a built in subwoofer, support for iPod audio playback, an FM tuner, digital clock display, an auxiliary port, and features the next iteration of the company's "BluePin" Bluetooth dongle, called Bluepin 2.0. This allows for the transmitting of music to and from the device as well as using the system as a glorified speakerphone. Additionally, although we're not sure why, iLuv has added a rhythm-sensitive LED light at the base of the unit. Let's just hope that feature can be disabled. The i399 will be available in February 2008 for $230.