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iHome homes in on iPhone and Zune with new audio systems

iHome's upcoming iPod, iPhone, and Zune home audio systems for 2008 were recently presented at CES, and here's a rundown.

SDI Technologies, the company behind the iHome series of affordable iPod audio systems, is not surprisingly embracing both iPods and iPhones in 2008, as well as Microsoft's Zune line of portable media devices. SDI is showing off several new products at CES, including an L-shaped alarm clock for the iPod and iTouch (as well as other iPod models) that allow you to change the orientation of the unit so you can watch videos, "while the clock display rotates accordingly to complement the position of the unit." We also liked the looks of the iP51 2.1 Micro System with Sub (see below), which has an integrated clock radio and video output for streaming video to TVs.

The iP14 standing vertically... SDI Technologies

...and lying horizontally. SDI Technologies

Here's a further rundown of the new products with release dates and pricing:

iP14 Alarm Clock with Remote Control: The aforementioned L-shaped alarm clock that's designed particularly for the iPhone and iTouch, but is compatible with most docking iPod models.

Scheduled release: April ($99)

iP9 Clock Radio & Audio System: Based on the current $99 iH9 clock radio, the iP9 adds iPhone compatibility and a couple of extra features. A new 7-5-2 feature and programmable snooze settings allows you to wake to your own playlist at different times on different days.

Scheduled release: Feb/March ($119)

ZN9 Dual Alarm, Stereo Clock Radio: First clock radio for the Zune, the ZN9 is also based on the iH9 and will offer similar features to the iP9.

Scheduled release: March ($99)

ZN10 AM/FM Table Radio: Based on the iH10, the ZN10 has a retro-classic design with rotary dials. No clock, but the ZN10 allows you to listen to the radio or Zune, which charges when docked.

Scheduled release: Available now ($49)

iP47 Bluetooth Clock Radio & Speakerphone: Geared toward cell phones, the iP47 incorporates Bluetooth technology that allows you to dial and receive calls through the unit's speakerphone, as well as wirelessly stream music from your A2DP stereo-enabled MP3 cell phones.

Scheduled release: June ($149)

iP51 2.1 Micro System with Sub: This fuller-sounding micro system has a built-in clock radio and video output that allows you to stream videos to your TV.

Scheduled release: June ($169)

The iP51 will be available in June and comes with a subwoofer for $169. SDI Technologies