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iHome debuts 100-watt iPod audio system: The iP1

This spring iHome will have a new 100-watt system, the iP1, which it's calling the most advanced iPod/iPhone speaker system ever developed by iHome.

The iHome iP1 will come out sometime this spring or summer at an undetermined price point. iHome

You don't necessarily associate the iHome brand with "premium" audio and cutting-edge design, but the folks there are giving it their best shot with the upcoming 100-watt iP1, which features a whole new look for the company known for its budget iPod audio systems.

The iP1 has a set of "custom-designed" 4-inch woofers and 1-inch silk dome tweeters, which are powered by Bongiovi Acoustic's proprietary Digital Power Station processor. In terms of connectivity, there's a standard audio input to connect other audio devices along with an A/V output and a remote control. Works with iPhones, too.

The iP1 is due to arrive in the spring-to-summer time frame and will most likely be carrying a price tag in the neighborhood of $250-$300, though iHome hasn't set a price yet.

iHome iP1