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If you can name all the robots on this T-shirt, you probably don't get out much

T-shirt with 51 semifamous sci-fi robots.

What, no Twiki? Oh wait, there he is...

Bouncing around the Interwebs today is this hipster T-shirt with 51 (count 'em, 51!) famous and semifamous robots from the hallowed halls of sci-fi movies and TV. We're pretty sure we recognize at least half, but we'd cross the street to get away from anyone who could rattle off all 51 names in one sitting.

The $25 shirt, available in charcoal, black, or red, has already caused some rampant fanboyism, and creator Chop Shop has issued the following update based on a flurry of user comments.

CORRECTIONS: The newly reprinted version of this design has had two amendments. The previous version included one character, which has been determined to not be a robot at all. The previous version also included a robot dog that virtually nobody recognized. This character was swapped out with a new robot figure.

When you've got to issue a correction for a sci-fi robot T-shirt, you know you're dealing with an active, engaged audience.

[We'd never dare to point this out, but technically a Dalek (lower right corner) isn't really a robot either--it's got an angry little blob-like monster inside.]