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iBooks, iTunes U updated for new iPad's Retina Display

Following yesterday's launch of its new iPad, Apple has updated its iBooks and iTunes University apps to take advantage of the tablet's high-definition display.

iBooks now lets you highlight your favorite text.
iBooks now lets you highlight your favorite text. Screenshot by CNET

iBooks and iTunes U both received a refresh yesterday aimed mostly at those opting for a new iPad.

iBooks version 2.1 will now display sharper, crisper text when viewed on the third-generation iPad's Retina Display. We'll have to wait and see just how sharp when the new iPad hits the stores next week. But Apple Senior Vice President Philip Schiller showed off the improvement in text quality at yesterday's iPad event.

The new iBooks throws in a few tweaks for people sticking with their current iPads. You can now use your finger as a highlighter when you swipe over text. Selecting text displays a Highlight option in addition to the usual Copy, Define, Note, and Search commands. Tapping on Highlight then lets you choose from a variety of colors to emphasize the text.

You can jump to a specific page number by entering that number in the search field. And certain titles will show the same page numbers that appear in the printed editions in case you want to compare the two.

iTunes U 1.1 will also now display content at the higher resolution on the new iPad. But aside from some unspecified performance improvements, that's the only change you'll find in the latest version.

The new iPad is currently available for preorder and will start selling on March 16.