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Hype Machine: Print music mags 'must've been cool!'

20-year-old Anthony Volodkin started The Hype Machine in mid-2005. He's already getting courted by big-time VC's, and he still has another year of college left.

His site, an aggregator of mp3 blogs and playlists, is being touted as the future "Technorati for music," but the hype on Hype also hints that the site could replace even the biggest music rags as the No. 1 forum for new music discussion.

Volodkin recently quipped, "I don't think I've ever looked at a magazine to check out new music; that must've been cool!" And music activist site reports: "It's like listening to the iPod shuffle that the zeitgeist carries around in (its) pocket."

Weigh in on what's more compelling for you as a listener... Professional music journalism or the broader discussion on the blogosphere?

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