HP Pavilion p6700 series offers workaday computing update

HP updates its Pavilion p6700 series home desktops

HP's new Pavilion p6700 retail midtower.

A step up from the updated Slimline s5700 series, the new Pavilion p6700 series from HP brings assortment of incremental updates to HP's consumer midtower desktop. Including seven different models with dual-, triple-, and quad-core CPUs from both AMD and Intel, you'll find these traditional systems at various retailers, as well as a configurable version on HP's Web site.

Like the Slimline s5700 systems, these s6700 series Pavilions don't come with the most cutting-edge features. You don't get discrete graphics cards or Blu-ray drives, and only some of the systems have wireless networking or hard drives at or over the 1TB mark. Pleasantly, and similar to the new Slimlines, almost all of the machines in the Pavilion p6700 series have 3.0GHz or faster CPUs (the quad-core, 2.93GHz AMD Phenom II 840T being the only exception). That's heartening considering these systems are aimed at those looking for straightforward computing power. Prices start at $329.99, and launch on January 9.

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