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HP introduces LCDs with improved contrast

New LCDs from HP


In addition to HP's herd of new desktops, you can also expect to see two new HP LCDs on store shelves in February. The 22-inch w2207h will go for $349 and the 24-inch w2408h will retail for $499. Like HP's previous displays (the w2207 and the w2408), these new models come with glossy screens, and attractive black bezels. New are the HDMI inputs (complete with an HDMI cable in the box), and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, up from 1000:1 on the original models.

We're all for more contrast, but HDMI on a PC display feels a bit superfluous. Thus, we wouldn't necessarily feel the need to run out and replace your current w2207 or w2208. If you're in the market for an LCD, though, we were fans of the w2207, giving it a solid 7.6 in our review earlier in 2007. If these new models are indeed improved versions of the originals, we think you'll like what you'll see.