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Tech Industry

HP cuts notebook prices

Today's cuts follow an earlier round of price reductions in August.

Hewlett-Packard (HWP) dropped prices on two models of its OmniBook line of notebook PCs.

Today's price cuts on HP's OmniBook 5700 CTX and OmniBook 2000 CT models follow an earlier round of reductions in August.

HP has been working hard to shore up its notebook division, preparing to introduce several new models in the OmniBook series. Earlier this month, the company showed off a three-pound, 233-MHz Pentium MMX notebook measuring 18.4 millimeters thick that will come out in the first quarter of 1998. The yet-unnamed model was developed in conjunction with Mitsubishi.

HP has also said it will release a new series of standard-sized notebooks in the coming quarter based on the new 200-MHz and 233-MHz Pentium MMX mobile processors unveiled by Intel at the start of September.

The company further moved its divisional headquarters to the San Francisco Bay Area from Oregon in January, and has described an upcoming series of corporate-support initiatives centered on notebook management and configuration.

The OmniBook 5700 CT, a midrange corporate notebook, features a 166-MHz Pentium MMX processor, a 2.0GB hard drive, 16MB RAM, and 12.1-inch screen. Its list price has been reduced to $3,750, with an estimated selling price of $3,375. In August, the list price of the 5700 was reduced to $5,100.

The OmniBook 2000 CT notebook incorporates a 133-MHz Pentium processor, a 2.0GB hard drive, 16MB RAM, and a 12.1-inch screen. Its new list price is $3,000, and its new estimated retail price is $2,695.